Baptism Sunday

Hello, all! While I’ve been able to collaborate on a few posts and help with some things in the background, due to my pregnancy and now newborn, this is my first solo post! I couldn’t be more delighted to be here. My husband and I have been married for fifteen years and have three beautiful children. Our girls are 12.5 and 6, and our son is brand spankin’ new. I have been sewing and crafting since I was a little girl and am looking forward to sharing more projects with our readers.

While I was pregnant, I scheduled the baby’s baptism for April 3, at least a month past his birth. I knew I’d want to make his outfit. After he was born and the date confirmed, I selected fabric and a pattern, and got busy!


The fabric I chose is a lovely cotton shirting, with a subtle sheen and a soft white-on-white stripe. I chose a Simplicity pattern (#2457) for its vintage feel and its tiny little tucks.


I surely do love tucks! They are time consuming, but add such texture and polish!


Unfortunately, I had completely forgotten what life with a newborn is like, and did not complete the shoes and bonnet I had planned. My husband told me that he preferred to not have a bonnet, anyway, and I am so in love with the way this teeny little romper turned out! From the tucks on the bodice, to the pleats at the waist and ankles, to the ribbon and button details, it’s just exactly what I had envisioned.


I’m pretty in love with my sweet baby boy, too.

romper detail

And, the beautiful reason for all my efforts. Baptism on Divine Mercy Sunday, in the peacefully quiet sanctuary, and the smell of chrism on a baby’s soft head.



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