Beautiful Bike Fabric for a Sweet Spring Dress!

Spring is in the air!

The birds are chirping and the grass is starting to perk up a bit after being beneath a blanket of snow for nearly 5 months. One of our family’s favorite things to do during the warmer months is go on family bike rides. I think there is something so timeless about cycling as a family activity.

K’s Closet Apparel is going to start sharing some of it’s beautiful fabric which is now open for pre-order. I was lucky enough to receive a 1 yard strike-off to work with of the beautiful Blue Bikes print. The preorder for this round of fabrics is open until 4/14. I love so many prints, so be sure to check them all out! I especially have my eye on those turtles and camping themed print!

I loved it so much, I even used it for a tutorial that I’ve been asked for many times: How to Make the Saige Dress Sleeveless. You can check it out on the Simple Life Patterns Blog!

The Blue Bikes are a rich navy background with assorted light blue, lavender, purple, and white bikes. The fabric prewashed very well, and has a very soft drape and feel even though it has a generous 260gsm weight.

One of the reasons I used the Saige Pattern from Simple Life Pattern Company is that it is NOT  fabric hog. If you use my sleeveless hack, you can get a size 12 dress (this is an 8 at a 12 length with scraps leftover) even with directional fabric like the bikes. I used a solid cotton lycra for my bodice to save on the custom fabric.

(As is common with custom knit fabric groups, I received a 1 yard strike-off to sew in exchange for sewing this sample to help shoppers. All opinions on the fabric and pattern are my own). 



  1. Felicia | 3rd Apr 17

    Very cute! And love that the dress is not a fabric hog!

    • MadebyEleri | 3rd Apr 17

      I know you have the Saige don’t you? Or is this your unicorn that you don’t have? I like that it’s a modest sleeveless, too.

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