BSD Tess Tulips

In the northern Midwest, we’re in the thick of summer. A Michigan summer is hot and humid, and shorts are a necessity! That being said, my middle daughter really isn’t fond of them; she’d live in leggings if she could! So I have to be careful to make them pretty, soft, and comfy. Enter Bella Sunshine Designs and the Tess Tulip Shorts.

The simple, sweet design, easy construction, two inseam lengths, and endless trim options interest me. My daughter likes the not-too-fitted fit and…

POCKETS. Yup. Seven-year-olds need pockets so Mom and Dad get their share of summer excitement when laundry day comes. 😉

This is the longer inseam, and I like this length on my long-legged, knobby kneed girl. The flat front gives them a nice, clean look, while the elastic back keeps them really comfy. This super soft chambray from Hobby Lobby was a great choice; it’s got the look of denim, but is much lighter and smoother. This hot pink ric rak came to me in a box of vintage trims and miscellany from my husband’s grandmother. I love that I’m able to use them for my kids!

The construction on these is a little different than other tulip shorts I’ve made, and I liked how the tulip pieces were separate, rather than continuations of another piece. These cross over in the front rather than the back and I really don’t have a preference there, but it’s nice to have the option.

Today is your last day to catch Tess on the introductory sale price, so don’t hesitate!

ps…they’re also available in women’s sizes…


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