Project Run & Play Week 3: Costumes!

Hello and thanks for stopping by!  It is hard to believe that it is already week 3 of Project Run & Play!  This week’s challenge was to create a costume – which is perfect because Halloween is right around the corner.  I’m delighted to share these Zorro and Victoria costumes with you.  Please make sure you click over to Project Run & Play  so you can vote!

Zorro and Victoria Halloween Costume - Project Run and Play

Zorro is a favorite around here and we love the TV series – both the Disney one with Guy Williams from the 1950’s and this newer one from the 1990’s with Duncan Regehr.  The costume for this lovely little senorita was modeled after the spunky Victoria in the newer series.

I had so much fun researching for these costumes. I wanted them to have an authentic feel so of course I needed to have Zorro episodes running in the background while I did research on the internet. I’ve seen them all before, but they never get old.

Zorro Costume - Project Run and Play

For Zorro’s pants, I used the Moto Maxx pants pattern from Love Notions.  The smooth black ponte worked perfectly for pants with a bit of stretch that are ideal for sword fighting and horseback riding.


Zorro Costume Shirt Closeup - Project Run and Play


Finding the shirt pattern was a stroke of luck – I just happened to have this vintage Butterick pattern from my grandma in the correct size! Years ago I used this pattern to make a Daniel Boone costume for my younger brother. And my dad remembers having a frontiersman costume…  so that makes this little guy the third generation to wear something made from this pattern! I just love the details on this shirt – a stiff collar, gathers where the shirt body attaches to the front and back yokes, a facing, hand-stitching along the inside of the collar and a blind hem.

The cape, mask, and sash were all self-drafted. The cape ties in the front and the mask ties in the back.  The sash laces at the center back for a custom fit and fun little detail.

Zorro costume detail on back of sash - Project Run and Play

I also designed the hat and fashioned it out of layers of fused together felt. Due to the shape and stiffness of the pieces, the entire hat had to be hand-stitched together.  I embellished it with a strip of faux leather and little medallions.


For the lovely Senorita Victoria’s skirt, I started with the Cora Maxi Dress pattern from Simple Life Pattern Company.  I used the double ruffle version, assembled it using French seams, and added an elastic waistband.


I designed a petticoat to give the skirt more structure and movement.  The petticoat has a soft waistband made from elastic and ponte and a simple lining to keep the scratchiness of the netting and tulle away from the skin.  Attached to the waistband is 4 yards of gathered petticoat netting, which is stiffer than tulle, and runs the full length of the petticoat. Attached 2/3rds of way down the petticoat netting is 4 layers of tulle each 9 yards long. It adds a nice little peekaboo of fluffy tulle when she lifts her skirts ever so slightly.

Zorro and Victoria Costumes - Project Run and Play

Her blouse is from the Daphne Dress and Top pattern from Made for Mermaids. I added eyelet lace and embroidery along the lower edge of the shoulder ruffle.  I also added embroidery to both edges of the gold sash in addition to gold tasseled trim at the end.

Zorro and Victoria Costumes - Project Run and Play

A pair of gorgeous, antique screw-on cameo earrings that I inherited from my grandma add the finishing touch to her costume. The little senorita wears them proudly as a sweet reminder of the woman who loved to sew clothes and costumes for her family and shared her love of sewing, as well as some of her little treasures like these earrings and the shirt pattern, with me.

Zorro and Victoria Costumes - Project Run and Play

Thanks so much for stopping by and please don’t forget to vote at Project Run and Play!


  1. Tami | 27th Sep 16

    This is so amazingly good Emily! All those details, the theme, the pictures- just blow me away! Love, love, love!

  2. Jess DeWit | 27th Sep 16

    everything about this is so perfect! The hat is amazing, and the details on her blouse are fantastic too!

  3. Cassy Gobin | 27th Sep 16

    I think this has been my favorite entry for Sew & Tell for the competition. So many little details that made these two costumes great! Well done.

  4. Karly Nelson | 27th Sep 16

    These are stunning! Amazing job and that is awesome for that pattern to be used for so many generations!

  5. Katy McKinley | 27th Sep 16

    You handstitched the hat? My hero! I love both of these costumes. The Zorro is adorable and I LOVE the first picture. So theatrical! But the dress with the petticoat and the off-the-shoulder number? I die! Fabulous!

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