The Everything Bag by Seaside Notions

Eleri  here today and I’m participating in Seaside Notion’s Web Wednesday! Today I’m going to talk about the awesome Everything Bag.

I learn about most of the independent designers I try either from other friends who sew, or through sewing groups on Facebook. I have been actively trying to branch out and try some new-to-me designers. The Pensacola Beach Petal Top caught my eye because I have recently acquired several beautiful 1/2 yard-1 yard cuts of woven prints from a local friend destashing. However, as my girls are getting bigger, I needed a top pattern to showcase these prints and the Pensacola had interesting details that I know will look fabulous on my girls, big and small, as we head into summer.

Photo credit: Seaside Notions Listing
When I was purchasing the top, I had to check out Nicola’s other patterns and the Everything Bag caught my eye. I noticed in one of the listing pictures that it was shown as a rosary holder and I immediately thought this would be perfect as part of my daughter’s First Communion gift!

While small and simple, the Everything Bag comes with several styles : Classic, Angled, Envelope, and Scalloped.

Photo credit: Seaside Notions Listing
I first made the Angled view using an Art Gallery scrap. I did not have any of the recommended Peltex 71F so I used fusible fleece. While the finished bag is not as firm as one made with the Peltex, my rosary stays well-protected in my purse.

Everything Bag 012

After I whipped one up, I wanted to try one with the recommended Peltex 71F. I do not sew purses so I didn’t really know what to expect when I went to the stabilizer section. If you are a newbie like me, do not be alarmed at how stiff the Peltex 71F is. When I had it cut at the cutting counter I kept checking the bolt to make sure I had purchased the right stabilizer.

For my second Everything Bag, I used the Peltex 71F. I was surprised at how well it folded into the envelope despite it’s stiffness. I made the mistake of marking my button-hole too high on this one so it is a little difficult for small hands to open. I am using it as a fashionable way to store my store loyalty cards that clutter my wallet but I still like to have on hand for shopping trips in The Big City. Once again, I used a scrap of Art Gallery fabric that was just too beautiful to throw away!

Everything Bag 022
You can see the I lost control of my topstitching in one corner. I love that this bag gives me a lot of practice to figure out best topstitching practices with my machine.
Finally, for my third Everything Bag, I used some scraps of Moda from the Basic Grey Collection. While fusible fleece worked very well for my first bag, since it wasn’t stiff, the ends of my rosary like to sneak out the side of the angled bag since the bag is more flexible.

Everything Bag 036
The rosary pictured was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI. We bought it in Rome when we were pregnant with my oldest daughter. I have saved it for 9 years to give to her.
I decided to use the Classic style again, but with the fusible fleece. The center closure prevents my daughter’s rosary from sneaking out either side, but it is flexible enough for her smaller hands to open and close unassisted.

Everything Bag 040
At the suggestion of a sewing friend, I used my machine’s blind hem fit as a guide for my topstitching. I am finally getting more consistent results with my stitching! I also increased my stitch length to 3.0-3.5 for nicer topstitching.
I have already mentioned that I do not sew purses. I have always struggled with the sleek finishing elements on handbags the few times I have attempted them. One of the benefits of making four variations of this bag is that I got much more comfortable with manipulating stabilizer and top stitching on my lighter-weight machine. NB: I ripped the button hole on my 4th, a gift for my mom! Always use a pin to prevent your seam ripper from going too far.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend the Everything Bag by Seaside Notions.

  • Pattern has trimless pages and is quick to assemble
  • 4 views (classic, angled, scalloped, and envelope)
  • Great scrapbuster
  • Print to finished in well under an hour
  • Functional (can be used to hold rosary, jewelry, gifts cards, loyalty cards, etc.)
  • Simple enough for a beginner but encourages finishing skills.
  • A very low price of $1.99.

I already have big plans to make several more of these as a year-end gift for my faith formation students and my own kids’ teachers. I also am planning to help my older daughters’ make their own bags for 4H.

Head on over to Seaside Notions to check out her growing pattern collection and grab your copy of the Everything Bag! You’ll have a lovely finished object in no time 🙂

Bonus photo: I’m in the blue fleece meeting Pope Benedict XVI at his papal audience where the rosary we just gave our daughter was blessed.






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