The Peek-a-Boo Felicity Release

I have been trying in vain to take a short break from testing so we can enjoy the glorious June weather that is to be had in the Upper Midwest. However, when I saw the Felicity from PAB I had to put a stop to those plans because I knew it would be perfect for my baby’s 2nd birthday outfit! And the only way to get my hands on a copy of it in time would be to test it!

Two Year Felicity sneak

The Felicity Dress is a sleeveless, button (or snap) front collared dress featuring woven fabrics. It can be made with a fully-covered back, or with the cute shirred, halter collar option. I did not test the shirred back version so my thoughts and review are based entirely on the full back version.

The lines are simple, and it has a nice clean finish. It was the perfect pattern to showcase the print I purchased a few months ago for her second birthday dress. For my 3T Felicity I used almost all of 1 yard of Michael Miller’s On Parade double border print. I used the coordinate for the bodice. I had just enough fabric left in the cream space between the double borders to cut out her collar as well, so it coordinates perfectly with the cream of the dress.

Felicity Side View WM

The Felicity skirt is a little less full than other gathered skirts. This is okay because it showcases the border print and it allows less yardage to be used. The full back version uses a full button front placket. I was so excited to test this with my new KAM snap press that I received for my birthday since it made putting in all the snaps a breeze! I also received two sets of assorted color snaps similar to this pack so I was able to pick and get perfect matches for each of my fabric choices when sewing!

Felicity Front Denim and Lavish

I also tested the Felicity in a size 6. Testers rarely cut into their fave fabrics for the first round of testing, but I was so obsessed with the idea of having an Art Gallery Denim Felicity that I went for it right away. My Middle Miss is quite slender, so I made a size 6 based on her chest size, and lengthened the bodice to a ten as well as the skirt. To accommodate the extra height she needed for her armscye area, I actually cut out a size 7, and then took it in at the side seams to a 6. I probably could have sized up 1 size without sacrificing too much of the fit but off-the-rack clothes never fit her properly, so I love it when something is custom made for her size! I used the Art Gallery Afternoon Sail for the bodice and the Art Gallery Ditsy Abrasion for the skirt.  One speed sewing tip for this pattern: If you use a 58/60″ wide fabric like the Art Gallery denim, you can cut the skirt in one piece instead of 3! I just marked where the side seams would be to make it easier to gather and attach! This speeds up sewing and allowed me to get the full skirt in less than a yard of precious AGF denim.

Felicity Collar Backview

Look at that stunning, simple denim collar! I went out to one of my usual photo locations for golden hour, and I just love this entire look.

Finally, I want to share my absolutely favorite Felicity with you all last. Last Lent, I gave up buying fabric for 40 Days. It was TOUGH. Especially toward the end when my stash was running low from lots of pattern testing. During Lent, however, I made myself a wish list at the Peek-a-Boo Fabric Shop. The wish list worked great for sending people my fabric wants for my birthday. The only downside with the wish list is that I couldn’t select quantity desired, so I just specified that if it was woven I wanted 2 yards and if it was knit 1.5. I received the gorgeous Michael Miller Regatta Border print from my parents. Thanks, Mom and Dad! Currently, PAB is out of stock with the regatta border print, but they have the coordinate available here and plan to restock the border when it is available from Michael Miller.


I literally gasped when I was done sewing this for my oldest. I have been searching for the perfect patterns to fit her comfort wishes, her fashion sense, and have a classy entrance to tween land. The Felicity Dress and the Michael Miller border combo create a sophisticated look for her that I know she will enjoy this summer and next.

Felicity Regatta 2


I again used the method of measuring my skirt (and then just cutting along one stripe the length I needed). I then placed the bottom of the bodice piece at the edge of the opposite stripe so the stripe pattern would continue a normal repeat when the bodice and skirt were attached. I was able to get my size 7 w, 12 length dress (including bodice) out of 1.75 yards of the single edge border print. I used a coordinating white from my stash for the collar.


Felicity Close-up


I hope my review and creations today inspire you to pick up a copy of the Felicity, grab your favorite fabrics, and sew!



  1. Susan | 16th Jun 16

    Beautiful dresses. All three. But the last one is terrific!

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