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The Sew and Tell Project

We are a group of friends who love life, our families, our shared Catholic faith, and using our free time to create!

We love to support independent designers and share our creations with one another. Now we want to share them with you.



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Eleri is a wife and stay-at-home mom to four beautiful children. She has dabbled in multiple hobbies throughout her life, but sewing and photography are her true passions. Eleri has been sewing for nine years and is deeply in love with creating quality clothing for her kids, herself, and her husband from well-drafted patterns by her favorite designers. She loves testing patterns because it challenges her to be brave!











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Alisha is a wife and mother to four handsome boys. She has been sewing since she was in 4-H as a young girl but recently rediscovered her love of making clothes for her and her family! She enjoys the challenge of testing new patterns and expanding her photography skills. In her free time, Alisha also enjoys playing piano and spending time outside with her family.








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Emily is a wife and mother to three energetic and creative little people. When she isn’t admiring their artistic endeavors or preventing disasters, she loves to sew, craft and design. She has been making messes and fun creations for as long as she can remember. Her newest hobby is photography since she has so many willing models in her house. She sews all sorts of clothing for her children and especially loves any sort of costuming. She also loves ice cream, chocolate, and staying up until midnight.







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Genie is a wife and mother of three beautiful children. Professionally, she is a portrait photographer, but her true passion lies in crafting. She learned sewing and the other domestic arts from her grandmother (who was a designer in New York) and mother (who is a home ec teacher), and has many happy memories of sewing, needlepointing, cooking, and baking with them. As an adult, she has picked up scrapbooking, card making, and creating mixed media pieces.














This blog is dedicated under the patronage of St. Anne, mother of Mary.