Good Night, Sleep Tight (Swaddle)

If there’s one thing that has been constant between Miss M and her big brothers as babies, it is their love of being swaddled. My babies have all loved that wrapped up tight feeling. Miss M is currently a rock star sleeper, most of which I attribute to the swaddle because she can’t startle herself awake. The only problem I’m finding is that because she was on the larger side at birth, she’s outgrowing many of the swaddle blankets we own. She’s currently growing into 6-9 month clothing and is only 3 months today!

Enter Amy and Peek a Boo Pattern Shop to the rescue once again! Hands down, Amy makes my favorite baby patterns. I’ve made almost every pattern in the Lullaby Line and loved them all. Here’s my list of what I’ve made: Bodysuit, Zipster Romper, Snap Pajamas, Knotted Gown, Lap Gown, Kimono, Cardigan Bodysuit, Romperalls, and Roly Poly Romper! However, Amy’s newest pattern, the Sleep Tight Swaddle, will easily be my most used since Miss M is swaddled for all her naps and nighttime!


The Sleep Tight Swaddle is a Velcro swaddle blanket sized from preemie to 6 months. It features two flaps to wrap around your baby that fasten with Velcro onto either felt or special loop back fabric which Amy carries in her store. The loop back fabric is so soft! I used felt on my initial swaddle because my loop back fabric hadn’t come yet, and it works. However, I do feel the loop back fabric (which I just received in the mail today) will work longer. The felt gets fuzzy and will require shaving or trimming.

The Sleep Tight Swaddle is meant to be used with knit fabric. I used this cute Doodles fabric from Joanns with cotton lycra binding. Doodles can shrink a lot if you choose to use it so I bought a bit extra and prewashed it on hot several times.

The most unique feature of the Sleep Tight Swaddle is the zipper Amy chose to include near the feet for easy middle of the night diaper changes. I didn’t choose to include this on mine as Maria doesn’t need middle of the night changes anymore. Check out the listing photos for examples of the zipper. A helpful tip for making those middle of the night changes easier is to make sure that your little one isn’t wearing zipper pajamas. Then you have to unswaddle them to change them. I did learn that the new Cat and Jack pajamas from Target have inverted zippers that will work well. How genius!

Make sure to follow the standard swaddle safety tips including making sure your baby doesn’t roll over. Once they’re rolling, you need to stop swaddling to keep them safe. While taking these pictures, Maria decided to show off her skills. It looks like our swaddling days might be numbered! Make sure to check out the Sleep Tight Swaddle on sale today! It’s a great addition to Peek a Boo Pattern Shop‘s baby pattern selection and a beautiful baby gift.



  1. Diane | 20th Jul 17

    What a beautiful baby! That color suits her so well.

    • MadeByAlisha | 20th Jul 17

      Thank you!

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