Project Run & Play: Week 1 – Pokemon Inspired!

Hello! And thanks for stopping by!  This past week and a half has been full of so much sewing and I’ve been bursting to share my creations with you. Project Run & Play has been such a wonderful challenge and so much fun!  Week one’s challenge was to create children’s clothing inspired by Pokemon.

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Gotta Catch Some ZZZ's! - Project Run & Play Week One: Pokemon Inspired Clothing


My Pokemon-inspired creation is a pajama set – pants, shirt, sweatshirt, and a pokeball pajama keeper.  You can read all about the inspiration behind the outfit at Project Run & Play. Here I’d like to share some more pictures and details.




For the pajama shirt, I used the Streamline Tee from New Horizons Designs.  I used a sturdy interlock for the shirt and cuffs and a rib knit for the neckband.  I really love this pattern – while it may be just a simple raglan, there is such wonderful attention to detail in the pattern.  The sleeves are not cut on the fold and the fit is spot on with the size chart.  I used heat transfer vinyl to add the message “Gotta Catch Some ZZZ’s” – so fun!




For the pajama pants, I used the Moto Maxx pattern from Love Notions.  I used an anti-pill fleece to make them all warm and cozy. The red interlock and white fleece add colorful accents inspired by the coloring of a pokeball. I love this style as an alternative to baggy pajama pants – comfy and easy to move in. They’re perfect for the little guy who loves to slip outside for one last thing right before bedtime but doesn’t want to be spotted in his pajamas!


Pikachu Inspired Sweatshirt - Project Run and Play Week One


Speaking of not being spotted in pajamas, a warm and cozy sweatshirt is the perfect alternative to a bathrobe! I started with the  High Five Hoodie pattern from Peekaboo Pattern Shop and appliqued some Pikachu-inspired stripes and a tail onto the back piece. I cut an extra seam in the hood to accommodate fun ears.  The ears are just made with fleece, like the jacket, but they are outlined with black piping and have a piece of stiff interfacing slipped inside to help them stand up.  The body of the jacket is lined with interlock and the hood is lined with some gorgeously soft red minky.  Between the soft minky and the fun ears, this hood is guaranteed to be put to good use.  After sewing up this jacket, I’m wondering if I’ll ever buy my kids a jacket again. Handmade ones allow for so much fun creativity and fabric combinations!




As an added bonus, I made a pokeball pajama keeper. Zipped up, it looks like a pokeball pillow. BUT, open the hidden zipper and there is the perfect compartment to store anything from pajamas to treasures!  A tutorial on how to make this pokeball pajama keeper will be coming soon!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram so you don’t miss an update!

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Gotta Catch Some ZZZ's! Project Run and Play - Pokemon Inspired!







  1. Katy McKinley | 13th Sep 16

    I LOVE making jackets for Louis. It’s one of my favorite things!
    This is superb, Emily! The tail on the back of the jacket is so, so cute. And you’re making me feel guilty that I haven’t sewn up the Moto Maxx pattern that I’ve had for…um forever now. This is the coziest Pikachu I’ve ever seen.

    • MadeByEmily | 23rd Sep 16

      Thanks! That was the first jacket I sewed up for my kids and now I’m super excited about it. So many possibilities! And I’m really liking the Moto Maxx pants. I have a toddler that pretty much only fits into BabyGap pants but I’m thinking that maybe the Moto Maxx pants would be perfect for him. It’s a fun pattern – you should try it. 🙂

  2. Roxanne | 13th Sep 16

    Love it! The pajama keeper is a really nice touch and something I’ll have to consider making for my kids one day. I’m sure they will be all over having one of their own.

    • MadeByEmily | 23rd Sep 16


  3. Jess DeWit | 13th Sep 16

    Never mind pajamas, I think this is a great everyday look! You did an amazing job, and looking forward to the pj keeper tutorial!

    • MadeByEmily | 23rd Sep 16

      Thanks! They would make comfy play clothes!

  4. Ajaire | 13th Sep 16

    Haha! Gotta catch some zzz’s is so funny. Your outfit looks so cozy and how fun that you chose to do sleepwear!

    • MadeByEmily | 23rd Sep 16

      Thanks! That phrase popped up early in the brainstorm phrase and inspired the whole ensemble. My son is amused by it. 🙂

  5. Felicia | 13th Sep 16

    These are so cute, Emily! We don’t “do” Pokemon at our house, but what’s not to love about this set?

    • MadeByEmily | 23rd Sep 16

      Thanks! We don’t either, but a lot of our friends do. My little guy is in love with this set though… especially the sweatshirt. 🙂

  6. Tami | 13th Sep 16

    This is so cute Emily! I love the detail on that hoodie and the Moto Maxx pants are a favorite of mine! So cozy and fun!

    • MadeByEmily | 23rd Sep 16

      Thanks!! I’m loving the Moto Maxx pants too! I’m thinking of making a pair for my toddler next so he isn’t left out. 🙂

  7. Karly Nelson | 13th Sep 16

    So cozy! These are awesome pajama’s! I adore that pajama keeper too! I think these totally need to be on our Christmas makes list!

    • MadeByEmily | 23rd Sep 16

      Thanks! And great idea about the pajama keeper – it would make such a fun Christmas gift!

  8. inspinration | 13th Sep 16

    It looks great, and my kids would totally wear that outside, and that text is truely awesome!

    • MadeByEmily | 23rd Sep 16

      Thanks! He is excited to wear that jacket outside when the weather cools off. It is still so hot here!

  9. Rachel | 13th Sep 16

    Very clever and well done!

  10. Crystal Dekker | 13th Sep 16

    So cute! Perfect for dreaming about those Pokemon battles!

  11. Cassy Gobin | 14th Sep 16

    Super cute take on the theme. I’m loving the moto pants. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for the rest of the themes.

    • MadeByEmily | 23rd Sep 16

      Thanks!!! We are having so much fun with Project Run & Play! I want to sew along every year from now on. 🙂

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