What She Wore Sunday – Solemn Communion Edition

I am a Roman Catholic mother. The sacraments are where I experience some of my deepest moments as a mother. I have stood at the baptismal font with all of my children and have had them baptized into our Catholic faith as newborns. I have waited nervously outside of the confessional while my two oldest children complete the Sacrament of Penance for the first time and celebrated with a gift of candy since God’s mercy is so sweet!

On Friday, I got to experience my nine-year-old daughter’s Confirmation and First Communion. Creating her dress out of my mom’s wedding gown was actually an impetus for starting this blog. I wanted to share this journey about being brave with my sewing and confident that I could create a well-constructed heirloom garment. I also wanted to connect my daughter through the generations to her great-grandmother who died 14 years ago, long before I was married.

First Holy Communion 001

If you are familiar with Catholic sacraments, you may also be a bit surprised that my daughter received the sacrament of Confirmation on Friday night. We live in a diocese that celebrates the restored order of Catholic sacraments so the children are confirmed by the bishop in the same Mass in which they receive their First Holy Communion. There are ten dioceses around the U.S. that do this including ours! My daughter chose St. Kateri Tekakwitha and St. Thomas Aquinas as her confirmation saints.

First Holy Communion 105.jpg

Because the parish we attend is small and rural (as are many of the surrounding parishes),  the parishes do a joint First Communion and confirmation at one parish. This also allows our bishop to preside over all of the Confirmations and First Communions. I am also a catechist at two parishes and six of my students received their sacraments on Friday as well. I was so proud of how well they answered the bishop’s questions.

The following Sunday, each parish has its own celebration and the First Communicants get to wear their clothes again and sit together during Mass for a Solemn Communion. This makes this sewing mama’s heart soar since the dress I poured myself into was worn twice by my daughter. I will now launder it and pack it away to be worn, God-willing, by her little sisters.

First Communion Part Deux 080

The children processed in with candles, and again, heard a homily directed toward them and their hearts. Here Father presents them each with a scapular to wear.

I am still going through photos and processing the beautiful sacraments I observed this weekend, but for now I share this small sampling of thoughts and photos with those who have followed along and helped me construct this gown.


First Communion Part Deux 121


Our whole little crew with Father after Mass. What a blessed weekend it was!

I’m also linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for my first ever What I Wore Sunday. I’m in my favorite trusty Lands’ End Fit and Flare dress.




  1. Lindsay | 12th Apr 16

    How beautiful, in every respect! A friend of mine was confirmed as a child in Mexico, so it’s not as rare as many people think.

    I ask not to stir up controversy, but because I’m genuinely curious: How do you feel about dioceses that have gone the *other* direction, moving Confirmation to late high school?

    • MadebyEleri | 20th Apr 16

      I’m just seeing this comment! Sorry! I grew up in a diocese that did Confirmation in late high school and I have no objection to it. I think I prefer the children receiving it earlier. Many people are concerned that the kids will stop coming if they are confirmed too early. In my experience, the kids that are going to stop coming are the ones that only come during the sacramental prep years anyway. There are strengths to both for sure! I do know that my daughter was ready to be confirmed as will my next daughter be next year!

  2. Sarah | 17th Apr 16

    Beautiful dress. You did an amazing job. I love her tiara. She’s a beautiful one receiving her bridegroom, Jesus for the first time.

    • MadebyEleri | 20th Apr 16

      Thank you, Sarah! We are so happy for her!

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