Houdini Bib

I’m back with another great baby pattern from Peek a Boo Pattern Shop! This week’s new release is the Houdini Bib. Miss M is almost 8 months old and in the last few weeks has really discovered her love of solids! However, her second love is trying to eat her bib while I’m trying to feed her. The Houdini Bib has solved my problem.

The Houdini Bib has two versions: a basic bib with just the strap around the neck, and the Houdini version which has straps that criss cross in the back and snap below the arms. It is also available in three sizes: baby, toddler, and preschooler. After I made these, an inch was added to the length of the Houdini straps to provide a bit more room for movement.

The criss cross straps prevent Miss M from grabbing the bottom of her bib and shoving it in her mouth. There also is an optional pocket to catch food and crumbs while your little one is eating. I added the pocket to my white bib, but it’s a bit hard to see in the pics.

The options of fabric you can use to make the Houdini bib are endless. I made mine from PUL from Joann Fabrics. Amy offers some adorable PUL in the Peek a Boo Fabric Shop too! Other testers used flannel or terry as well. I’m planning to make a few from flannel with a PUL back to catch all the drool from my teething baby. Hop on over to Peek a Boo Pattern Shop and grab your copy of the Houdini Bib while it’s on sale today only! It’s a perfect stocking stuffer for the little ones in your life.


  1. Diane | 14th Dec 17

    What a lovely little one. The bib looks cute and practical with no thin strings around chubby baby chins.

    • MadeByAlisha | 14th Dec 17

      Thank you! It really is so practical. I cut 4 more out today because you can never have too many bibs!

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